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Scale removal machine

The customer who used this machine, processed thousands meters of metal coil daily. SCALES from the surface of these metal coils during straightening process often scatter over the ground. This machine collects these metal chips and fills them up in a sack. -Customer save money whereby the collected metal chips were either sold or recycle.


Case and lid forming machine

The machine automatically formed the case, and then the contents are filled in. Finally, the machine formed the cover to seal-up the carton box with the contents. -Minimise storage area as the carton boxes are not pre-formed. Thus user can deploy their manpower & floor area efficiently.
-The shape of case that has been formed is more consistence, the lid are sealed by hot melt, which provide high flexibility versus stapler or tape.


Dipping machine with tumbling and barrel

This machine performs dipping, cleaning and drying of customerís parts. A few processes have been integrated which save time and manpower.


Intelligent conveyor system for clean room and static sensitive devices.

The conveyor system has passed the stringent tests for the clean room (Class 100), vibration and the ESD requirement of our customer. It is an ideal transport system for static & shock sensitive products.
Due to its easy and quick inter-changeable modular design, the conveyor can be customized and has great flexibility even after installation.
-Benefits the User that human interference with product are isolated during transportation, as sometimes faulty products are partly due to handling.
-Storage areas are reduced as this system provides a good & efficient non-contact buffering of products.


Palletizing system with ABB robot

The robotic arm carries the carton box from the conveyor line and places it on the pallet within the required cycle time. -Manpower to do the job was replaced.
-The robot is able to perform faster which improve the cycle time, thus higher productivity.


Marking & O-ring Assembly machine

Wordings on metal parts are made by cold forming using hydraulic power, follow by O-RING insert. -Greatly reduce the cycle time & manpower.